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See the following illustrations for our most popular items.  If you don't see the item needed for your application, please contact us.  Many additional components and accessories are available.

Equipment shown is available in three standard sizes: 3", 4" & 6" (X348, X458 & X678) and the less common 2" (X228).  4" Components available with 7-3/16" or 8" Drop.

Additional information such as load ratings, chain pitch, budget prices, etc. may be obtained by clicking on Selection Guide and scrolling down to the appropriate chart.

Typical I-Beam Monorail Chain Conveyor

Monorail Trolleys - Shipped Loose or Assembled to Chain

Rivetless, Drop Forged, Heat Treated Monorail Chain

High Carbon Rail Unpainted, Painted or 304 Stainless

Chain & Trolley Assembly with "H" Attachment, Trolley Bolts & Clevis Pin, Sealed Less Cap

Track, Chain & Trolley with "C" Attachment, Sealed, Regreasable

Open FBC Trolley with "H" Attachment and Bolts (Chain Removed) 450 Deg. Max. Temp. Rating

6x4 Trolleys for Heavy Loads in Shorter Systems

X678 Chain & Trolley Assembly with "H" Attachment & Trolley Bolts, 10" Drop, Open Bearing

X678 Rivetless, Drop Forged, Heat Treated Monorail Chain

X678 Open Trolley, Full Ball Compliment Bearings, 10" Drop, 450 Degree Maximum Temperature Rating

X678 Sealed Trolley, Full Ball Compliment Bearings, 10" Drop

"H" Attachment - Fits Between Trolley Brackets (2 Pcs.) Forms Clevis Arrgmt.

Intermediate "H" Attachment - Fits Conveyor Chain For Additional Loads

"C" Attachment - Fits Between Trolley Brackets - Optional To "H" Attachment

"I" Attachment - For Intermediate Trolley Brackets Where No Loads are Present

Offset "C" Attach. for X348 Trolley Allows 8" Part Centers - Use for Light Loads Only

Use Clevis Pin with Safety Pin for Faster Hook Installation to "H" Attachments

Grade 5 Trolley Bolts with Lock Nuts - Specifically Made for Trolley Assembly

C-Hooks Made to Order - Allow use of Sanitary Pans

Popular 90 Degree Indexing Hooks - 125, 200, 300 & 400# Capacities

90 Deg. Star Indexer for Automatic Product Rotating - 125# Capacity

Heavy Duty Swivel Hook with Bearing -  2-Ton Load Rating

Indexing Turn Stile has adj. detents - 500, 1,000 & 2,000# Load Ratings

Caterpillar Drives 1200# - 4000# Pull Const. or Var. Speed

Heavy Duty Cat. Drives for 5 - 6,000# Max. Chain Pull Cap.

Caterpillar Drive Close-Up View

Take-Up / Chain Tensioner - Spring, Screw or Air Oper.

Roller Bank Turns  18" to 72" Radius - 30, 45, 90 & 180 Deg

High Temp. Roller Turns c/w Graphite Bearings - Std. Sizes

Traction Wheel Turns 24" to 72" Diameter  30, 45, 90 & 180 Deg

High Temp. TWT's Graphite Bushed - All Standard Sizes

Vertical Curves -  Prefabricated - Rad. & Deg. as Req'd.

Oven Expansion Joints, 3, 4 & 6" I

Anti-Backup Safety Stop for Inclines

Anti-Runaway Safety Stop for Declines

1-Ton Handpush Trolley - Adjustable for 4, 5, 6 or 8" Rail

1/4 ton Handpush Trolley - Adjustable for 2, 3 or 4" Rail

2-Way LH 2' R. Glide Switch, Air Operated, 3" or 4" Rail, 1/2 Ton Load Rating

2-Way RH 2' R. Glide Switch, Air Operated, 3" or 4" Rail, 1/2 Ton Load Rating

2-Way 3' R. Glide Switch - Hand Push, Air Operated, 4" or 6" Rail, 1-Ton Cap.

Horizontal Turn for Hand-Push - 2', 3' or 4' Radius x 30, 45, 90 or 180 Degree

High Carbon or S.S. Straight Track for Hand-Push Systems - 20' Length

Automatic Oilers Help Ensure Long System Life - I-Beam & Encl. Enclosed Trk. Models

Power Brush Cleaner for 3", 4" & 6" Chain & Trolleys

Caterpillar Drive Rebuilt Kit Includes Typical Wear Items

Power & Free Trolleys Including 3x3, 4x4 & 4x6

Side Link Pusher Dog for use with Flapper Type Free Trolley

Pressure Rollers for Turns & Cat. Drives Std. & High Temp.

Replacement Wheels Open or Sealed - for 3, 4 & 6" Conveyor

Inverted X458 Sealed Full Ball Compliment Trolleys

Inverted Power and Free Pusher Dogs Several Styles Avail.

X-Type Replacement Chain Pin Only (Links Also Available)



Please contact us for pricing and delivery.  Many items are available from stock.  Most "made to order" items are available within 1-2 weeks.

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